Seaport cargo forwarding

Portinvest Logistic transports and forwards cargoes in ports and organises their transhipment in line with technology standards. Our experts help customers to address the most complex logistics challenges in the forwarding process.

Portinvest Logistic ensures smooth operation of the entire transport and forwarding chain in ports, designs the best routes and arranges transportation of foreign trade cargoes.

Main services:

  • representing customer interests at ports, transport agencies, customs, environmental and other agencies
  • certifying cargoes
  • transporting cargoes by railroad
  • advising on how to make transportation more efficient by choosing rational ways to carry cargo
  • advising on how to cut loading and unloading costs
  • real-time accounting of incoming freight and providing data on its accumulation
  • warehousing and storing cargo in port
  • executing all necessary supporting documents
  • ensuring safety of cargo during transhipment and storage at ports.