For Investors

At Portinvest we focus our investments on projects in freight transportation, transhipment and forwarding through Ukraine’s seaports. Every project we invest in seeks to introduce a modern technology including environmental solutions and contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.

Portinvest considers all risks related to projects and stable development of the holding. The company has policies in place to manage potential strategic, operational and process risks as well as risk management procedures at every governance level in every field of our operations.

Portinvest can manage risks effectively as our business is versatile, we drive continuously to financial sustainability of all companies within the holding, follow a clear investment strategy and make decisions in a balanced way.

Our team has expertise in managing one of the largest private ports in Ukraine and implementing modern projects in the national and international port industries.

We are committed to being the market leader, increasing our value and contribution to the development of the national economy. Ukraine’s strong transport potential is a key factor for our growth. We are ready for a dialogue and strategic cooperation to roll out big projects in the port industry.

Financial statements of Portinvest Holding comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).