Portinvest follows sustainable development and corporate responsibility principles adopted across the SCM.

We seek to meet international standards in the environmental protection and health and safety, improve professional skills of our staff and promote the development of local communities.

Our priorities in corporate social responsibility:

  • Improve professional skills and commitment of employees, ensure safe and comfortable working environment in line with international standards
  • Meet international environmental standards, in particular in the area of energy consumption, and introduce programmes to improve production efficiency of our companies
  • Engage with local communities for the long term and establish excellent conditions for people to live and work in
  • Partner with local authorities to roll out social programmes in the areas being in urgent need for finance: infrastructure, education and health.

Main socially responsibility areas:

  • health and safety
  • environment
  • social support and staff development
  • engagement with local communities.

Portinvest implements core social responsibility programmes in local communities through its assets operating in those regions.